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No it’s not Halloween

It’s Orange week. So I’m Orangifying SmallTownstudentministry.com! I’m so excited to get invited to take part in this awesome event. Orange ministry is something I am passionate about and am in the process of establishing here in our Youth Ministry at West Gate Baptist Church.

If you haven’t heard of Orange, then you need to head over to the link above A.S.A.P.. Yes, its true that one of the current “buzz words” in Youth Ministry is Family Ministry, and if your like me, you hate that every year it seems like all the youth ministry books are just “buzz word this buzz word that” with no real depth. But honestly, Orange is so much more than just talking about Family Ministry, its what they do, and in all reality, they have set the bar at what Family Ministry should accomplish and look like, and its all about the tools to help you in your ministry context, no matter the setting, big or small.

I highly encourage you to check out their website, but more importantly, clear a few hours on February 15th for their webcast. No matter if you have never heard of Orange or your the director of an Orange Ministry already, this is guaranteed to be a great and beneficial time, absolutely worth the investment of your time. For more information on that, click here!


I’m a pastor to youth: take 2

I just posted about feeling for the first time in this ministry like I was the students Pastor, living up to my title of Pastor to Youth.

However, this being a site aimed at those working in the small town with the small church, there is definitely a second meaning to this statement “I’m a Pastor to Youth”.

If your ministry context is anything like mine, you were called to the church as the Youth Pastor, which is great. Then when you got here, they said “Oh, you play guitar? We’ve been wanting to start a worship team for a while, why don’t you head that up?” and then they said “Hey, that Youth Web site you just built sure is nice, and our church’s website could sure use an update, why don’t you take care of that?”

If your like me, your paid to be the Youth Pastor, but you’ve been asked to take on worship, web design, marketing, branding of the church, Sunday School Director, Family Ministry, Missions Director, and heck, even the Association is wanting a piece of the action, recently asking me to take over the Associational Youth Director Responsibilities. And I wont go into much detail about today’s conversation involving me being asked (or strongly urged) to ask my wife to come on board as the Children’s Ministry Director.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy serving in all of these outlets. Had I really had a problem with doing them, I could have said No. My wife and I are extremely excited about the future with the Children’s Ministry with her at the helm. Being in a small church, multiple responsibilities is just part of the game.

But I think its vital for myself to at least once a week take a minute to breathe and remember that first and foremost, Im a Pastor to Youth.

You can read any blog about ministry and see that one of the most important things to know is the Power of saying No. I didn’t say No to taking on these extra responsibilities, but I’m fine with that. However, I do have to occasionally say a temporary No to a task with one of those other responsibilities. It would be irresponsible of me, obviously, to miss spending time with the students because I’m in the middle of adding events to the Church Website calendar. But in the same way, I have to be less of a perfectionist in some area’s so I can be better in my ministry to Youth. If that means I have to cut short Praise Band Practice because I still have to finish prepping for the nights Youth Service, then so be it.

I’m a Pastor to Youth First, and all other responsibilities are just extras.

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