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Take time to have spiritual renewal


Apparently, my body was much more tired than I thought it was from the last few weeks of going, because today I didn’t wake up until 2 pm.

My body needed rest and today it got it.

I find it very interesting that God designed our bodies to shut down when they need rest. Like you can’t stay awake for too long before things in your body begin to shut down and find the rest they need.

It’s amazing, though, that it’s not the sort of deal that you could, say stay up continuously from monday morning until friday evening and then make up for it by sleeping friday evening until monday morning. Our bodies wont work that way, they can’t function that way.

I remember when I was in college on the Debate team, we had tournaments in the fall just about every weekend, and the amount of energy and time the debate team took was just as much as a full time job, only we were all full time students as well. So what would end up happening is that a few of us inevitably would go to the Debate Lab (section of main university building with offices, computer lab, lecture rooms and cubicles) on tuesday after class, stay there all night working on homework/debate stuff until wednesday classes, go back to the debate lab and work until thursday classes, then get on the bus and sleep for the first time since Tuesday morning. I think this is what really instilled in me my addiction to starbucks.

But I remember one time doing this same pattern just on an off week, but extending it a day to friday, and going to sleep friday afternoon with the intent of just taking a nap and getting up in time to go see a movie with my friends. So I go to sleep at about 3:30 pm and wake up and my clock says 6:00 pm. I figured great, I feel so rested with just that, plenty of time before the movie starts. I headed out of my room and discovered my friends getting ready to go…to the football game. It was Saturday, I had slept nearly 27 hours straight!

So whats the point of all of this. And I know its somewhat contradicting because I said we can live that way but I just showed a week where I did. And I hope it goes without saying, you can’t LIVE that way, you can get by for a few weeks, but you cant live like that. It’s miserable.

Well I say all this because I know that many students live this way spiritually, and I fear that many in ministry do as well.

Part of our Sabbath is meant to renew our souls, to reconnect with God. But many times, we are too busy to not be busy. So we push it off to the side, we consider lesson preparation our quiet time, we rush through our prayers, and we don’t take time to really focus on why we are doing what we are “doing for the Lord.” Then, when we do get those moments, we try and get so much out of them to make up for the times we missed.

But this is no way to Live. I wish our spiritual lives would sometimes shut down on their own to get the rest they truly need because we too often ignore the warning signs that our tank is getting low. We need to take sabbath. We need to daily connect with God and be renewed by him. We can’t allow ourselves to be so busy doing things for the Lord that in the end we don’t do anything for the Lord.

I know as Pastors we know this. But we also all know to go to bed every night, but we still get tired.


What Youth Pastors need more of…

Today is supposed to be my day off. Funny. Not really, its Sad. I need to be better at taking a day of Sabbath every week. But usually things get piled up. I’m still taking a few bible classes online through Liberty, and adding the work of those on top of the full work week of Youth Ministry, on top of renovating a house with my wife, it adds up. I’m in my office right now because being at home was getting my mind going on too many other projects, and I’m more relaxed here right now, as sad as that is.

I have heard it said that the only way to truly take a break from everything is to be on a beach for several days. I think that that really is true, I mean if you go visit a city, your doing too much stuff, spending too much money, walking everywhere. If you go to the mountains your still busy.

But just relaxing on a beach, thats where its at. I would love that right about now. And really, I don’t even feel that stressed.

But thats not the point of the sabbath. It’s not a “Im feeling stressed, need to take a day off” kind of thing. Rather, its a day to remind us that God created us to be Human-beings not Human-doing’s.

If I’m honest with myself, perhaps the home reno’ is the best thing for me for right now. Seeing results is an amazing thing, specifically in ministry.

You see I count myself to be extremely blessed, I come from a line of people in Ministry, including me and my two brothers now in this generation. Some of the greatest advice to come down from previous generations was when my Grandpa taught my dad handywork, namely, painting, for the reason of Sabbath. As he put it “In ministry, you hardly ever see results, and that gets discouraging real fast. So find something that you can see a thing in this bad of shape at one moment, and looking like this another, because it will lift your soul.”

So my dad learned to paint, and he taught his Three sons how to paint. It’s why I paint the youth room every few years. Why I enjoy working on our house so much. Because I can see results happen in a matter of hours, and see that I’m making a difference.

And I know that that sounds like an odd way of spending a sabbath, but the point of the sabbath is to replenish our souls. For the longest time, I thought it just meant to relax, and so I was lazy all day on Mondays. But in the end, that wasn’t replenishing. There had to be more. And maybe your at that point now. It may not be painting for you, but find something that replenishes your soul, before you reach the point of exhaustion.

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