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My dad

This post will probably not get me any traffic, but I dont care. Im not in it for traffic, I blog because it sharpens me as a leader.

And I know my dad most likely wont ever see this, because he never visits my site. But I dont care, because I’m not writing it to please him.

But we all have that one person we look up to more than anything, whether its for advice, as a role model, whatever. And I consider myself the luckiest person in the world that that person for me is my father.

Tonight I spent a great deal of time watching videos from his church on youtube, and I am blown away by his heart for people and ministry and God. I remember when he was candidating for this particular job several years ago, and the search team called me in for an interview, and how later they said that one of the main reasons they hired my dad was because of me, because they saw that since I seemed so clearly Christ centered, it spoke volumes of the character of my dad (which is why I still feel today that the most important trait of an elder/overseer/ pastor is the point Paul makes about managing his household well).

I remember back then feeling super arrogant about that, as though it spoke about my character. I teased my parents for a while, since I had no car, that since I got my Dad the job, in essence, the least they could do was to buy me a car.

But that statement/sentiment had absolutely nothing to do with me, but had everything to do with my parents. It spoke nothing of my character or leadership, but spoke volumes of theirs.

When it comes down to it, this should be an accurate portrayal of our relationship with our heavenly father. I believe it was Spurgeon who once said “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” People we lead to Christ should be led to Christ because they see his beauty shining through us. They should think that since we so clearly love the Lord, the Lord must be great, because in the end, he is. I dont want to lead people to the Lord because I have a great life and if they become Christians, they can too. I want to lead people to the Lord because they see him in me.

To close it up, I pray that some day I can be as great as a Father as my Dad was to me and my siblings. I look at my siblings and am utterly amazed that of the 5 of us, all have served or are currently serving in ministry. Thats rare. I don’t say that to show off about my family, but to say, my Parents were amazing Parents. I pray I can be a fifth as effective as they were in ministering to my family some day. I know I married a woman just like my mom, I just pray I can someday be just like my dad.


Thoughts on SYMC Day 1

Wow, it has been great being here, and we have only had 1 day. So nice to connect with other Youth Pastors and their wives and really just see the magnitude of Youth Ministry. From the connect groups to last nights opening session with Doug Fields, one thing is blatantly obvious:

The point of Youth Ministry, whether in a big church or small church, big town or small town, is all the same. To point students to Christ. We may not do it the exact same way, but that is what we are trying to do.

And really just the encouragement for us Youth Pastors in small towns that feel like the step-child Youth Pastors some times, the simple idea that there will always be someone envious of your position. Some of us in small churches may be envious of those in huge churches with huge budgets sometimes, but I think there are also plenty of times where those people in the giant churches wish they were in our small tiny church with only a handful of students to truly get to love on.

Because again, the point of Youth Ministry is to point Students to Christ. Not to have the most entertaining Youth Service, not to play the greatest games, not to have the most killer retreats, but to fill students with amazement and Awe of God, and call them to action.

Can’t wait for today. And if I have any time today, I’ll try and give my review of Soul Surfer.

Weekend in Review #1

To steal an idea from a few other youth pastors, but also to kill two birds with one stone, I am starting a sum up of our Sunday Youth Service. The youth websites blog will be featuring these, as well, but thought I’d share here, too, since I know a few parents meander over every once in a while. So here it goes.

Series: God is Love part I – How He loves

Sermon in a sentence: God’s love for us can not be measured by just the good things

Understandable Message: When we say Love or Good about something, as humans, we typically mean we love the way that thing makes us feel, Good. Our good is not the same as God’s Good, he is far more interested in the Long Term Happiness vs. the Short Term pleasure, the things in our life that make it seem like dark days are really out of God’s Love for us.

Element of Fun: I tried playing Candy Gram, a game from Youth Leader Stash, but couldnt find the message hearts ANYWHERE, so tried it with M&M’s, which failed horribly. Instead we ended up with a flinging contest, three contestants had to fling twix as far as they could with their mouths, winner won 3 twix, and a trivia game between a guy and a girl, which the girl won.

Music playlist: Like you do – Lybecker, Love – Matt White, Grenade – Bruno Mars, Divine Romance – Phil Wickham

Memorable Moment: Sure there are others, but as I closed in prayer last night, I leaned on my music stand I use as the podium, which I had been swirling all night as I usually do out of just habit, I suppose. Didn’t realize I had been loosening it all night, so when I leaned on it to close, it collapsed and I just about fell face first off stage.

Up Next: God is Love part II – How we respond

God is Love

I know, I know. If your like me you hate this statement. “God is so much more than just Love.” I get it.

But I also get what it really means, and would absolutely agree that the majority of people who say it don’t know what they mean or are saying.

But I contend that yes, in fact, God is love.

The problem comes because people often use this statement to argue against Evil. “How can God be Love when children die every day of starvation.” Or they use it to say “God wouldn’t want me to do that thing because he Loves me.”

All in all its false in those statements, and its false in the way people most often state it.

But I am super excited for this Sunday night. We are talking about Love (its Valentines Day and I’m a youth pastor, how could I not?!) But not about boy/girl love, but how God loves us.

And a big section of the talk will deal with this statement, God is Love, and I hope to get into the topic of Theodicy with the students, helping them learn about the problem of evil.

Focusing quite a bit on what is meant when we say God is Love, or God is good. Ultimately, a big problem comes when we assume that good or love means what we as humans mean when we say it. I know its not original, but we say “I love cheeseburgers, I love my Dog, I love my wife” and clearly dont mean the same thing about them all, and a lot of times we really mean I love how these things make me feel. Same with saying something is good. We mean this thing is good to me right now.

God does not mean these things. I love my Dog max, and its out of my love for him that I don’t let him eat chocolate. I love my wife, and its out of my love for her that I don’t let her shop ’til she drops (not that she would even want to anyways.) But I’m sure my dog doesn’t think I’m acting out of love when I don’t give him chocolate (because he doesn’t think anything). But I know you get the point.

So when we say God is Love, if by Love we mean that he is most interested in what is ultimately best for us, even if its not the best right now, then yes that is true. He is Love. Just, faithful, Jealous Love.

I got some work to do still on it, but I can’t wait for this Sunday Night’s talk.

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