When tool’s are no longer tools

One of my frustrations is that I don’t think I am a good small group teacher. Every week, I pour into a lesson, then the night comes, we go through the lesson, I ask some questions which students give answers too, and thats it. There isn’t a whole lot of conversation that comes from the […]

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Call to Youth Ministry

I Really wish you wouldn’t

Please don’t use youth ministry as a stepping stone. I know that there are times when people who are called to Youth Ministry later feel called to be a Sr. Pastor or a Worship Pastor or a church planter. But if you know you want to be one of those, Please don’t become a Youth […]

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Small Church Youth Group

Differences between Small Town vs. Large City

I was recently asked a question on quora that dealt with the differences between trying to minister to students in a small town compared to a large city, and since I know that not many people are on quora yet, I figured I would share my answer on here as well. And though there are […]

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Enough with the Pastor Jokes

We all deal with stereotypes in ministry, and we all know it. We all have those middle school guys that play way too many video games and drink way too much caffeine and you want to just ask them to settle down for a few minutes. We all have those girls in our youth ministry […]

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Being all alone in Youth Ministry Part 1 – Loneliness

A few months back, I wrote a post for Tim Schmoyer‘s list of 100 topics we should write about, and it dealt with leading a youth group when your the only volunteer. It’s a decent post, it gets the point across, and it gives, in my mind, some helpful tips for leading a youth group […]

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