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Weekend in Review Volume #6

Series: He Said What? A look at the words of Jesus Christ, wk. w

Sermon in a sentence: The key to friendships/relationships that last is to Love Differently, Love Unconditionally, and Love out Loud

Understandable Message: We all long for deeper friendships, but sometimes we aren’t aware that friendships take work, they don’t just happen. In John 13, Jesus laid out a model for better relationships, to Love Differently than the world (the world tells us if it feels good, do it, so we do it as long as it feels good, but that leads to the second point…), we must Love Unconditionally, and we must Love Out Loud.

Element of Fun: We are going to be going to the One-by-Youth In St. Louis in a few weeks, and so last night we gave someone the chance to go for free, but to win they had to make an impossible shot. Really all it was was a bucket on one side of the room that they had three chances to throw a ball into. Fairly simple game, but since our participant didn’t win, we will try again next week.

Music playlist: Shane and Shane – Dare2share unending worship cd is what we listened to pre-service. ( we dont have a worship team yet, but check out this post and you’ll see I am working on it)

Memorable Moment: One of our questions in our break out time dealt with the difference between loving with our words and loving with actions, and why words aren’t good enough. Two groups got stuck on this question and couldn’t quite understand it, a guys and a girls group. I gave the same example for the most part, but slightly different, and my guys group that it was pretty great. The guys version involved their city being under attack by evil invaders, and one of them building a wall while the rest sat behind him “encouraging” him. If they really wanted to show love, they would help him by taking action. The girls scenario was that the human race was becoming extinct and one of them was placed in charge of gardening all of the food for the rest of humanity to live on, while her friends sat back and “encouraged” her.

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Weekend in Review volume #5

Series: He Said What? A look at the words of Jesus Christ, wk. 2

Sermon in a sentence: Christ offers us full life in him, we can be fully satisfied in Christ

Understandable Message: John 10:10 tells us that the thief comes in the night to steal & kill & destroy, but that Christ came to give us life and life to the fullest. Really, we all face two choices, the choice to continually be seeking more, the next best thing, going down paths that lead to destruction, or we can put our faith in Christ and be fully satisfied by him.

Element of Fun: We played a few games from youth leader stash this week, head catch, which the girls at least all loved and got really into , train wreck, and best of the best.

Music playlist: Until We Feel Alive by Lybecker. I love this band. Sure, I may be partial because im good friends with them and the bassist is my brother, but they are legit, check them out on itunes. My brother was a youth pastor and gives great prices to youth groups for concerts and what not.

Memorable Moment: I gave a bit of a testimony last night about a friend of mine from high school named Jenna, one of my friends who had my number for emergencies, who knew they could call me anytime they were in trouble and needed a ride and I’d come help. Jenna got in a lot of bad situations but I was always trying to show her God’s Love, and for me remembering her and just wondering where she is now, kind of broke my heart a bit. It was a good part of the sermon, but  I hope these students know how much I love them and how much God loves them, because I don’t want them to turn out like Jenna, who felt so unloved by people she got into those situations.

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Weekend in Review Volume #4

Series: He Said What? A look at the words of Jesus Christ, wk. 1

Sermon in a sentence: The most important things in life Can Not be earned

Understandable Message: John 3:16 lays out a clear cause and effect of salvation, God loves us =  he sent his son to die to pay for our sins, we believe in him = eternal life. We can’t earn salvation based off anything that we do, no matter what we do or how hard we try.

Element of Fun: The students played human battleship and poop deck, i have no idea how it went as you’ll see later

Music playlist: The last few weeks we have just been having the new Hillsong United CD, Aftermath, playing before and after the service

Memorable Moment: Memorable moment for me was this was the first weekend we did video. I recorded the message earlier this week and had a student help me out in editing it (as well as some other stuff) so that he can get into some video editing. I wasn’t able to be there this week and none of my volunteers ready to speak were going to be able to make it (except my wife, but she was swamped with other stuff already). So it was fun in that aspect, and from what I hear, it went pretty well

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Weekend in Review Volume #3

Series: 1-off week; Community

Sermon in a sentence: God designed us to need community with other people

Understandable Message: Being alone can sometimes be easier and what we’d prefer, but it gets boring real fast. God wired each of us to need relationships with other people, and not just surface level relationships, but deep ones. We all need a group of friends who are able to see our good and bad and love us all the same, who we let in so they can really “get” us.

Element of Fun: This week was primarily lesson, we played one REALLY quick game involving two students racing RC cars around the audience, but that was  maybe 2% of the time this week.

Music playlist: Better Together – Jack Johnson, Lay Down my Pride – Jeremy Camp, Make us One – Liberty University Praise Band, Fade Away – Lybecker, Come on – Rend Collective Experiment, Like You Do – Lybecker

Memorable Moment: Honestly, this one came Monday Morning when Sarah and I both woke up completely sore from playing so much kinect over the weekend.

Up Next: 1-off week; Guest Speaker Levi Hart. Sarah and I will be out of town at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, so one of our Volunteers will be filling in, excited for him.

Weekend in Review: Volume 2

Series: God is Love part 2 – Our Response

Sermon in a sentence: Because God Loves us, our hearts should overflow with Love for God, Love for Others, and Love for ourself

Understandable Message: We can never lose the Love of God, and we don’t deserve what he has done for us by sending his Son to the cross as payment for our sins. If we really understand his Love for us, we will abide in him, and won’t be able to help but want to glorify him in all we do, which means we love our neighbors, and we love ourselves. We understand that we are still going to stumble, but God still loves us, so we should be able to too.

Element of Fun: We played a couple of volunteer games from interpretive dancing charades, to a contest of who could eat the chocolate bunny the fastest, another game where two teams of three raced to drink a gallon of water. After lesson, since no school today, students stayed late and we played find the leader, mission impossible, and hung out.

Music playlist: Aftermath – Hillsong United. Love this CD, just got it the other day and had it on loop the whole time before and after.

Favorite Moment: Seeing one of our Sr. Highers flourishing right now. Seeing her really understand a crucial part of the lesson, and seeing the fruit of her life the last few months.

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