Books Im Currently Reading

Reading Now

– 7 Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, and Lane Jones

– Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby



2 Responses to “Books Im Currently Reading”

  1. Ben,
    Let me know how you liked “Spiritual Leadership” by Henry Blackaby, I read it last year. It is quite in depth so it’s hard to narrow down what the author’s concentration my be, or to sum up in a paragraph or two. It is quite helpful though – especially the section about giving tasks to others that you shouldn’t be doing, and delegation. Pivotal for youth minister!

    • Man, I need to edit this list. “Spiritual Leadership” is a book in which I have read the first several chapters multiple times and then gotten distracted. I absolutely love it, but its just so long. I’ve been diving into Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley the last few days and it deals with some of the same things. Agreed, though, that Delegation is pivotal for Youth Ministry, and appreciate the thoughts Andy Stanley shares in the first few chapters of Next Gen about that

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