Why Small Town Youth

One of my biggest frustrations in life is that it seems like many in the church glorify the big church’s with huge attendances, and thus relegate smaller churches to the JV League. Now dont get me wrong, many big churches do some great things and are great Churches. Believe me, I wish I was at a big church. So dont hear me saying they are bad.

But this idea that when a guy doesn’t have much experience, it seems like only small churchs want to hire him. The problem then comes when that leader out grows his position, but big churches wont hire him because his experience is at a small church.

So the Purpose of this site is to encourage other Small Town Youth Pastors in two ways. Firstly, in hoping to offer a voice for the smaller church Youth Pastors. I know that many are bi-vocational and simply don’t have the time to blog or to offer their voice on a consistent basis.

But I also want to encourage the small town Youth Pastors to keep dreaming big. Our churches are NOT JV, and we can do just as much as the guys down the street with the budgets larger than our salaries.

For more info on why I started, and to submit an idea for the blog, please check out my post about Small Town Student Ministry

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