Orange Conference is less than a month away!

I can’t freaking wait. I know I am supposed to be a Southern Baptist because I work at a Southern Baptist church, and we aren’t supposed to say the word freaking, but I have been looking forward to the Orange Conference for forever it feels like.

This is THE premiere Church Leaders conference this year, I feel like. Whether your a Sr. pastor, Childrens Pastor, or Student Pastor, this conference will blow your mind. I love that the speakers are all high profile speakers, and the workshops are generally all lead by people I have heard of before.

Specifically for the Youth Pastors, I know that Simply Youth Ministry was great this last year, I enjoyed it a lot. But the number one feeling I left SYMC with was “that was cool, but it got me more excited for Orange.”

If your going to Orange, shoot me an email or a tweet so we can connect, I can’t wait to meet you all in Atlanta in a month.

If you haven’t signed up for Orange, do it now! Rates are still fairly reasonable when you compare it to other ministry conferences, and there is still plenty of hotel space left. Talk to your church, make it happen, this conference will change your ministry for the good, I know it.


3 Responses to “Orange Conference is less than a month away!”

  1. do it!! sign up today!! (and use freaking more in a ministry context, it is good for the soul)

  2. You must have an awesome continuing education budget. Want to trade?

    • Well I didn’t go to anything last year, and this year was able to get some amazing deals on things. Like for SYMC in chicago, all my church had to pay for was the conference registration because I had free housing at my parents house in chicago, then I paid for the gas.

      With Orange, I’ll be driving from Illinois to Atlanta and saving money from having to fly, renting a car, or paying extra for the hotels that offer shuttle service.

      Hope it didnt make you too jealous haha.

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