Call to Youth Ministry

I Really wish you wouldn’t

Please don’t use youth ministry as a stepping stone. I know that there are times when people who are called to Youth Ministry later feel called to be a Sr. Pastor or a Worship Pastor or a church planter.

But if you know you want to be one of those, Please don’t become a Youth Pastor to gain experience. You are ruining kids and churches.

The other Youth Pastors around you know you are a phony, and your kids will hate you when they find out you were just using them.

If you want to be a church planter, go be a church planter, and leave Youth Ministry to those of us who are passionate about it.


2 Responses to “I Really wish you wouldn’t”

  1. ben, I totally get your frustration with the posers among us. but I hope this post gives you a little different perspective. see you soon.


    • ps. this was not written in response to your post or meant as anything other than encouragement. it is something inwrotena while ago and just needed an excuse to put it on my site. peace.

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