Fresh Ideas in student ministry

Where are the fresh, new ideas?

I think one of the most important things a person can do to home their leadership skills is to constantly be learning. I suppose that goes with out saying because ultimately, someone who is learning and turning knowledge into wisdom is going to be a leader in time, and inversely when a leader stops learning they become stagnant and lose their effectiveness as a leader.

I have been blessed and cursed these past few weeks to be out of the office. Between two conferences and travel, I had four days of being home, and those were spent mostly on a project
In the youth room, my life has become very mobile as of recent ( which hopefully explains the ridiculous amount of tweets, sorry!)

I have greatly enjoyed using this time discovering new blogs, reading some
Books, etc, but have noticed a trend, that honestly has somewhat frustrated
Me for the last few years, but my perception changed just recently on.

There is no new content. I know ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun. But I think it’s more than that. I mean, someone comes up with a great idea, one that in all honesty isn’t new, and people love it. We eat up this idea, chew on it, digest it, and then spit
It out.

Which is why we have buzzwords in ministry. I mean someone ( ha my phone autocorrected that as dimwhit, sometimes true) someone decided that programs in youth ministry were bad, so they wrote about it or talked about it and how we should all get rid of programs. And now you can pick up a countless number of books or find endless blogs talking about programs because it’s a buzzword.

I used to get so mad at this. It seemed like all you had to do to become a published author was talk about wha everyone else was talking about, and to be successful you only have to scream louder.

I mean it still frustrates me, even the past few weeks. I’m sick and tired of seeing blogs about rob bell, regardless of what side they are on.

But I’m realizing that all writers, whether it be blogs or books, have a different voice, a different audience, and a different perspective. And I’m realizing we need a variety of posts on a topic because we need those varying points of view. I mean, I’m not going to read every blog about rob bell, I may not read another one about this topic. But I need to read blogs on both sides to really understand the issue and make an educated opinion on the matter.

And it’s the same with other topics. I’m reading some books now on leadership, and I said books. I’m not going to stop after the Andy Stanley one and declare myself am expert
On leadership. He is just one voice with one opinion. If I want to truly understand the idea and principles of leadership, I need to hear some other parts of the conversation.

So though it may still seem like a shouting contest at times, I hope I’m able to hear the whispers of the conversation more clearly, and I pray you are, too.


2 Responses to “Where are the fresh, new ideas?”

  1. Interesting point of view, it’s one way to think about it. I feel like typically I wont read something about a topic and then read everyone else’s “voice” about it, or even a few other “voices” for that matter. I feel like this is good in thought but not done in practice. Don’t get me wrong, I see what your saying about the value in it, but I guess I still just wish there was more original stuff

    • Hey Jordan thanks for stopping by. I can appreciate what your saying, I mean I still feel that way myself quite a bit, I’m not going to read every blog post about every ministry topic. But I think it’s important for bloggers to know it’s important to voice your own ideas or thoughts on a topic, because I know for myself at least that I have had blog posts I didn’t write because so and so just wrote on that in the last few months, and I’m not
      Going to write a better post than they did. But the point is I’m not fruit to write a better post and who cares if people are
      Comparing mine to theirs, I’d rather give them options to compare, if that makes sense?

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