Weekend in Review Volume #4

Series: He Said What? A look at the words of Jesus Christ, wk. 1

Sermon in a sentence: The most important things in life Can Not be earned

Understandable Message: John 3:16 lays out a clear cause and effect of salvation, God loves us =  he sent his son to die to pay for our sins, we believe in him = eternal life. We can’t earn salvation based off anything that we do, no matter what we do or how hard we try.

Element of Fun: The students played human battleship and poop deck, i have no idea how it went as you’ll see later

Music playlist: The last few weeks we have just been having the new Hillsong United CD, Aftermath, playing before and after the service

Memorable Moment: Memorable moment for me was this was the first weekend we did video. I recorded the message earlier this week and had a student help me out in editing it (as well as some other stuff) so that he can get into some video editing. I wasn’t able to be there this week and none of my volunteers ready to speak were going to be able to make it (except my wife, but she was swamped with other stuff already). So it was fun in that aspect, and from what I hear, it went pretty well

Up Next: He Said what? wk. 2



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