Under Pressure

Have you ever gotten lost in the pressures and demands on us as Youth Pastors? Pressure is EVERYWHERE. A favorite professor of mine used to say “Being a Pastor is a much more stressful job than an airplane pilot. If an airplane pilot makes a mistake, a hundred people or so die. If a Pastor makes a mistake, people can go to Hell.”

And though there are things that could be argued about that statement, sure, the point of it still is there. We have a burden on us that can weigh us down if we dwell on it. So dwelling on it can be bad, but the opposite is just as true. If you never consider it, your ministry is pointless.

Then there here is the enormous pressure on Youth Pastors to be Great. Its an awesome pressure, we should always strive to be great. But sometimes it has its downsides, too. We try to copy what that awesome youth group down the street is, only to discover it wont work in our context, or it can’t work here. Or we put in so many office hours our personal lives disintegrate.

We get this pressure from everywhere, from our superiors, from other Youth Pastors, from Parents, and we feel like we aren’t quite every reaching their expectations, and so to admit failure to them could cost us our job. To not appear as being great, thats risky, I get it.

But be the change agent. Learn to say No and Learn to admit your mistakes, stop the cycle.

Your supervisors? They want you to be real. They want you to admit you make mistakes, because odds are they already see them. Other Youth Pastors? You don’t need to impress them with the numbers you think you have in your ministry. Whenever a Youth Pastor tells me the size of their group, I subtract 10% because I know how we all are. Parents? For the most part, they trust you and respect you, even when you don’t feel like they do. They want you to succeed. But success comes through failures more often than not.

How many people are bandwagon Yankees fans when they are in the world series? Not a lot. But how many people were Red Sox fans in 2004? Just about everyone. Because everyone wanted to see them succeed.

So let this be an encouragement to you. Be Great in the Lord, not in yourself. Succeed for the Lord, not for anyone else. Seek him and the rest will fall into place. At the end of the day, he is the only one whom it matters if you have pleased. Just live with that pressure, the rest will fade away after.


One Response to “Under Pressure”

  1. They unearthed a trend we all probably suspected Youth pastors are desperate for support! They feel theyre expected to do everything for youth on their own..We are hoping that these findings will spur churches to give youth pastors the support theyre so desperate for.

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