The Rush

This week has been exhausting. And I know that next week is going to be pretty similar, and so its safe to say, I won’t have a break for the first 20 days of March, and beyond that, there’s no guarantee of one either.

I started March cranking out school work to be done before I left for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, then I had the Simply Youth Ministry Conference which was even more go go go, then I came home to crank out a ton more schoolwork for my courses ending this Friday night, while also preparing to tape a sermon for the first time, and giving some students some guidance on how to make videos for the youth group, as well as cleaning the Youth Room because it smelled like rotten Jelly Beans, as well as our church’s Dinner theater all this weekend and next, and oh yeah, I leave Sunday for the Transformational Church conference in North Carolina, 12 hours drive away, and get back late Wednesday Night, then go right into the performances of the Dinner Theater.

Life is Hectic.

I mean, even Life moves fast. Even the speed at which the earth spins is crazy fast ( a quick google search clocks it at 1000 mph, but I wouldn’t take that as it is, I hate it when numbers are too even like that, though at the same time, if it was like 1123, I’d probably question it just as much. )

When you consider ministry, it goes fast. I mean, I feel like it was just last week we were having our Christmas Party, and it couldn’t have been more than a month ago that I started here. Where did the time go?

We live crazy fast lives. And we, as Pastors, should be some of the first to remember to find the slow, soft voice of the Lord, but how often do we do that.

In all the rush, in all the hectic craziness that is the life of a youth pastor, how often do we forget to take a few moments and be still before the Lord? I’m not talking about a Sabbath day, though I could, I’m talking about at least once a day, quieting ourselves before the Lord.

I know how hard it can be, I’ve been there and even sometimes still am there. Last week it was just too hectic at SYMC to find that place.

But I know the day I got back, that night I was outside on my porch, in my usual chair, bible open, and heart still before the Lord.

It honestly is one of my favorite times of the day, and I couldn’t do ministry with out it. So I don’t mean this in a “Look at me” way, but honestly, when was the last time you stepped outside of the Rush of life and just sat still with the Lord? Has it been too long? Then quit reading blogs and be still. You’ll be glad you did later.


One Response to “The Rush”

  1. Definitely needed this reminder tonight thanks man

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