Thoughts on SYMC Day 3

The last day of the conference (at least for Sarah and I), and it was a blast.

We got to the morning session a little late and had to sit on the floor, so I have no idea what Rick Lawrence was talking about, sorry about that. Instead, though, we ended up noticing we had sat right next to a friend from Australia we had made just the day before, so it gave us a great chance to connect some more with him.

My workshops on Sunday were much better, but they also had much better speakers. I went to “Working Smart” by Christ Davis, and he really just talked about tips and tools to keep you free from distractions. Even just the reminder of it is what is key, because especially for those of us that blog and tweet, distractions are so easy to come by. Like this week, I have soo much stuff to do, I have so many blog posts I want to write, and then I have even more stuff to do because my classes for Liberty Online end on Friday. Eesh!

Right after that was a workshop called “Making Video Magic for your youth ministry.” This is one I am super excited about. Sure, videos wont make the Youth Ministry better, or reach the next level. But I do have a few students interested in making videos, and if I can give them the tools and training to make great ones, then through that one on one time, I am also going to be building a deeper connection with those students, as well as enhancing the student ministry through video.

The evening concluded with our Last session featuring speaker Glenn Packhiam and once again, amazing worship lead by Shane and Shane. Such a wonderful evening, all wrapped up then by the Live Simply Youth Ministry Podcast. I’m getting this out kind of late, and like I said earlier, have so much other stuff going on this week, that I can’t dwell on reviewing this day anymore.

Coming up, Take Aways from the SYMC.


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