I’m Super Excited for this Weekend

Hoping I can pull of something I have never done before, and thats preach through video.

I’ll be traveling to North Carolina with my Sr. Pastor and his wife to attend the transformational Church Conference at Ridgecrest, put on by lifeway. Because of that, I won’t be able to be at our Youth Service Sunday night. Though it would be much easier to just have one of our leaders do it, the one who would benefit from it the most will be out of town as well.

So instead, I will be writing a lesson that I can break into three segments and have discussion groups between the segments led by my wife who is staying around town.

Again, I’ve never pulled something like this off so its a fun experience to be doing it and we’ll see how it goes. In the next few days/weeks I’m going to be incorporating a lot more video into the site and so this will be probably be some of the first video I post on here.


2 Responses to “I’m Super Excited for this Weekend”

  1. So how’d it go?

  2. Well I wrote about it here , but it went alright. The video, I ended up not having as much time to do as I would have liked, so it came out pretty plain, but a good learning experience for myself and the guys we are training to do video.

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