Thoughts on SYMC Day 1

Wow, it has been great being here, and we have only had 1 day. So nice to connect with other Youth Pastors and their wives and really just see the magnitude of Youth Ministry. From the connect groups to last nights opening session with Doug Fields, one thing is blatantly obvious:

The point of Youth Ministry, whether in a big church or small church, big town or small town, is all the same. To point students to Christ. We may not do it the exact same way, but that is what we are trying to do.

And really just the encouragement for us Youth Pastors in small towns that feel like the step-child Youth Pastors some times, the simple idea that there will always be someone envious of your position. Some of us in small churches may be envious of those in huge churches with huge budgets sometimes, but I think there are also plenty of times where those people in the giant churches wish they were in our small tiny church with only a handful of students to truly get to love on.

Because again, the point of Youth Ministry is to point Students to Christ. Not to have the most entertaining Youth Service, not to play the greatest games, not to have the most killer retreats, but to fill students with amazement and Awe of God, and call them to action.

Can’t wait for today. And if I have any time today, I’ll try and give my review of Soul Surfer.


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