Thoughts on SYMC , day befote

Sarah and I are extremely lucky to live 5 hours from Chicago and have family living in Chicago, so we are lucky because we have free housing for the conference.

That said, we had planned to sleep in Thursday morning and drive up in the afternoon. Instead, my little niece went back into the hospital, which meant another niece would be staying with my parents and there would be a lot of help needed everywhere around. So, we left St.. Louis at 10:30 Wednesday night and got to my parents house about 3:30, so they could keep their Thursday morning schedule ( my mom is a mops mentor, and my dad was speaking to the mops group).

Yesterday afternoon, we drove an hour back south to my sisters house to be home when my other nieces got out of school, and after seeing my youngest nieces room, and how it looked like a hospital room ( where she already spends too much time,) we decided to start painting and redecorating it.

So it’s been a long few days. Im exhausted, and the weekend hasn’t even started yet. Which really got me

Praise God for Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, and anyone and everyone who’s one of those celebrity Youth pastors this weekend. And here is why.

I’ve never been to the SYMC, but my older brother has been to all the previous ones, and has talked about how present those guys are, not in some back room but out among the crowds.

I can only imagine how many people would stand in lines to ask them questions, many of the same questions, and every youth pastor knows what that’s like (see: Jr. High ministry) and I know for me, I dont know if I’d be able to do it. Like, I’d want a break at some point too. That, or I’d start answering questions ” you don’t know the answer to that? Maybe youre not called to youth ministry then.” It would be terrible.

But these guys seem ready for it, like they have been preparing for it. And so before I meet them ( if I do, I don’t feel to go up and ask some stupid question) I want to thank them for being available to pour into the lives of all of us attempting to pour into the lives of the youth of today.

Now, a quick bite to eat, painting some flowers on my nieces wall, and FINALLY, on to SYMC!!!!!


One Response to “Thoughts on SYMC , day befote”

  1. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about those guys too, they are jut real youth pastors. Glad to see you enjoyed your first SYMC

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