Weekend in Review Volume #3

Series: 1-off week; Community

Sermon in a sentence: God designed us to need community with other people

Understandable Message: Being alone can sometimes be easier and what we’d prefer, but it gets boring real fast. God wired each of us to need relationships with other people, and not just surface level relationships, but deep ones. We all need a group of friends who are able to see our good and bad and love us all the same, who we let in so they can really “get” us.

Element of Fun: This week was primarily lesson, we played one REALLY quick game involving two students racing RC cars around the audience, but that was  maybe 2% of the time this week.

Music playlist: Better Together – Jack Johnson, Lay Down my Pride – Jeremy Camp, Make us One – Liberty University Praise Band, Fade Away – Lybecker, Come on – Rend Collective Experiment, Like You Do – Lybecker

Memorable Moment: Honestly, this one came Monday Morning when Sarah and I both woke up completely sore from playing so much kinect over the weekend.

Up Next: 1-off week; Guest Speaker Levi Hart. Sarah and I will be out of town at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, so one of our Volunteers will be filling in, excited for him.


2 Responses to “Weekend in Review Volume #3”

  1. this is a really clear outline that forces the leader to have their act together. and what a gift for your leaders to know exactly what is going on. nice work. have fun at the simply youth ministry conference.


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