Why we’re launching Core Groups mid semester

I mentioned earlier that this Sunday is the last in a big push for our Youth to sign up for Core groups to be starting soon, but I also am aware that launching something like this in the middle of the year doesn’t really make much sense. But really its phase 2 in a soft launch that we have been doing all year.

I’ve mentioned before, but when I got here last year, the church really had no idea what Sustainable Youth Ministry looked like. They had had several volunteers, and I don’t know them, I am sure they did great work, but none of the kids they built up are still here, specifically, none of the kids in our youth ministry came from those past experiences.

This past Fall I did a push for small groups, got kids signed up, and then it toppled. I didn’t build up a system to be in place for it. I didn’t show kids how awesome Core groups were or could be. So it quickly died off.

The in October we did a soft launch with some sr. highers, and I posted earlier of how successful that has been going, that one of our goals with launching it was for them to not want to miss it and not to lose the community, and how last night really showed how important their small group is to them, without it coming off as cliquish.

Now, in March, were doing phase 2 of our soft launch, and gauging interest. At the most, I hope to get 4-6 more girls to sign up and 4-6 more guys to sign up for small groups. If more sign up, then great, but my hope is to have enough to have 3 groups going for now to be influential in the fall to encourage others to sign up.

So though it may seem weird to be starting Core groups mid year, I’m having to remind myself, leaders, and students, that this is just a trial and error phase. Just because it worked with one group, doesn’t mean we can make it work with more, so we will see how it goes.


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