Weekend in Review: Volume 2

Series: God is Love part 2 – Our Response

Sermon in a sentence: Because God Loves us, our hearts should overflow with Love for God, Love for Others, and Love for ourself

Understandable Message: We can never lose the Love of God, and we don’t deserve what he has done for us by sending his Son to the cross as payment for our sins. If we really understand his Love for us, we will abide in him, and won’t be able to help but want to glorify him in all we do, which means we love our neighbors, and we love ourselves. We understand that we are still going to stumble, but God still loves us, so we should be able to too.

Element of Fun: We played a couple of volunteer games from interpretive dancing charades, to a contest of who could eat the chocolate bunny the fastest, another game where two teams of three raced to drink a gallon of water. After lesson, since no school today, students stayed late and we played find the leader, mission impossible, and hung out.

Music playlist: Aftermath – Hillsong United. Love this CD, just got it the other day and had it on loop the whole time before and after.

Favorite Moment: Seeing one of our Sr. Highers flourishing right now. Seeing her really understand a crucial part of the lesson, and seeing the fruit of her life the last few months.

Up Next: Scarred Week 1



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