Weekend in Review #1

To steal an idea from a few other youth pastors, but also to kill two birds with one stone, I am starting a sum up of our Sunday Youth Service. The youth websites blog will be featuring these, as well, but thought I’d share here, too, since I know a few parents meander over every once in a while. So here it goes.

Series: God is Love part I – How He loves

Sermon in a sentence: God’s love for us can not be measured by just the good things

Understandable Message: When we say Love or Good about something, as humans, we typically mean we love the way that thing makes us feel, Good. Our good is not the same as God’s Good, he is far more interested in the Long Term Happiness vs. the Short Term pleasure, the things in our life that make it seem like dark days are really out of God’s Love for us.

Element of Fun: I tried playing Candy Gram, a game from Youth Leader Stash, but couldnt find the message hearts ANYWHERE, so tried it with M&M’s, which failed horribly. Instead we ended up with a flinging contest, three contestants had to fling twix as far as they could with their mouths, winner won 3 twix, and a trivia game between a guy and a girl, which the girl won.

Music playlist: Like you do – Lybecker, Love – Matt White, Grenade – Bruno Mars, Divine Romance – Phil Wickham

Memorable Moment: Sure there are others, but as I closed in prayer last night, I leaned on my music stand I use as the podium, which I had been swirling all night as I usually do out of just habit, I suppose. Didn’t realize I had been loosening it all night, so when I leaned on it to close, it collapsed and I just about fell face first off stage.

Up Next: God is Love part II – How we respond


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