1 By Youth

Something I am super excited about is coming to St. Louis. They just announced the dates last week, as far as I know, and I am adding it to our schedule.

What I am talking about is 1 By Youth. What’s that? Watch this video


Last year we did 30 hour famine, and we really blew that up and went all out with it and it was pretty awesome. But this year, we are replacing 30 hour famine with 1 by Youth. I don’t want the famine to become a routine program that loses its luster, so if we dont do that every year, then great. But my prayer is that this 1 By Youth day will get the kids in our ministry more aware of other opportunities for service right in their own back yards.

For us, 1 by Youth will be April 16th in St. Louis, but im looking into the possibility of even expanding that day a bit by finding some service opportunities in Trenton that the youth could do April 15th.

For more information on 1 By Youth, or to see if and when they are coming near to you, go here .


One Response to “1 By Youth”

  1. That sounds rad, if there was one anywhere close to here I would skip 30 hour famine too.

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