God is Love

I know, I know. If your like me you hate this statement. “God is so much more than just Love.” I get it.

But I also get what it really means, and would absolutely agree that the majority of people who say it don’t know what they mean or are saying.

But I contend that yes, in fact, God is love.

The problem comes because people often use this statement to argue against Evil. “How can God be Love when children die every day of starvation.” Or they use it to say “God wouldn’t want me to do that thing because he Loves me.”

All in all its false in those statements, and its false in the way people most often state it.

But I am super excited for this Sunday night. We are talking about Love (its Valentines Day and I’m a youth pastor, how could I not?!) But not about boy/girl love, but how God loves us.

And a big section of the talk will deal with this statement, God is Love, and I hope to get into the topic of Theodicy with the students, helping them learn about the problem of evil.

Focusing quite a bit on what is meant when we say God is Love, or God is good. Ultimately, a big problem comes when we assume that good or love means what we as humans mean when we say it. I know its not original, but we say “I love cheeseburgers, I love my Dog, I love my wife” and clearly dont mean the same thing about them all, and a lot of times we really mean I love how these things make me feel. Same with saying something is good. We mean this thing is good to me right now.

God does not mean these things. I love my Dog max, and its out of my love for him that I don’t let him eat chocolate. I love my wife, and its out of my love for her that I don’t let her shop ’til she drops (not that she would even want to anyways.) But I’m sure my dog doesn’t think I’m acting out of love when I don’t give him chocolate (because he doesn’t think anything). But I know you get the point.

So when we say God is Love, if by Love we mean that he is most interested in what is ultimately best for us, even if its not the best right now, then yes that is true. He is Love. Just, faithful, Jealous Love.

I got some work to do still on it, but I can’t wait for this Sunday Night’s talk.


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