Finding your Passion

The last few months have been rough for my wife and I. A series of events in our life just led to one thing after another, with each just beating us down a little bit more. And honestly, it led to a time recently where I was feeling burnt out. I was done with Youth Ministry for a while, done with the American Church, just done with everything.

I knew God had called me to minister, specifically to Youth, but I was struggling with a lot of stuff. I had all but written off continuing serving in my position.

But over the last few weeks God has really taken me on quite a journey back to Joy. My passion for serving, specifically serving the kids in this area, has never been stronger. God has really shown me things that I need to improve and what things are going well, and I’ve never been more excited about doing youth ministry.

If I was completely honest with myself, I would have to say that the single most important thing that happened in all of this to reignite my passion is I finally felt heard, I finally felt understood, and along with that came a feeling I hadn’t felt through all of this, that I had support.

I think the Life of a Youth Pastor can become very lonely, particularly in small towns. You always read that a key to not burning out is having friends outside of your church, some where you can go where you wont be known as “the Youth Pastor.” But the reality is that in a small town thats hard to do.

But this episode in my life has shown me that without a doubt, it is of great importance to understand the correlation between Lasting Passion and being supported. If you want to last, if you want to keep going in youth ministry, your going to have to have support behind you. Yes, my wife has been great support, but ultimately, you need more. You need that fellowship with someone outside of the situation, because ultimately whats said about you is said about your wife and vice versa.

I could be way off base here. Ultimately, just because you have support doesnt mean that what you are doing is right either, and many times we can have misplaced passion because we have found support. But in the end, Passion will burn out if we have no one behind us saying “Your doing good, keep going,” and if we lose that, our passion will soon be gone too.


One Response to “Finding your Passion”

  1. Thats good to read and hear Ben. I’m happy for you!

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