Wins and Losses

Fact: Youth Pastors Burn Out every day.

I know its easy for some to say “If you burn out of youth ministry, then maybe you were never meant to be in youth ministry. But that is garbage. Good, Godly, Great men and women every day burn out from doing what they were wired for every day. It has nothing to do with lack of a call. If someone is seriously stupid enough to sign up for youth ministry, to sign up to get little pay to hang out with crazy kids for long hours and see barely any fruit over the course of years, then they didnt burn out, they just realized “What was I thinking?”

It happens to the best youth Pastors and the worst youth Pastors. Burn out is coming for you and its coming for me. Truth be told, I came very close to burning out the last few months. They have been extremely rough months feeling like my flame for youth ministry was dwindling ever so smaller and insignificant.

Its easy to burn out when your getting home and looking at your losses. Seeing your failures and never seeing your wins is one of the fastest ways to burn out. So the answer is easy, count your wins!

Now this isnt to say you shouldn’t look at your losses and just focus on wins. How on earth would you learn from doing that?

But every day, let the last thing you do in your office be a score card. Write down at least one Win you had that day, and then write a loss. The next morning, remember your win, and make that loss a win today.

Because I feel like this post is turning too Dr. Phil for my liking, and because I already got the point across, have a great night, I’m out of here.



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