Observations for 2011 Part 2

Yesterday I noted that I had two observations for youth ministry going in to 2011 that I feel are going to be pretty significant. I will restate that I by no means am an expert on these two topics, and again with Yesterday’s, I know that is nothing new, you could easily find a dozen better blog posts written on the subject.

But I think many stop there and just say “So Youth Pastors we need to change,” and I think there could be fault in that thinking. For the last few years, Youth Pastors have been complaining that churches aren’t doing anything to help fix that idea. I think in 2011, churches are going to start, and for many youth pastors it wont be a good thing.

Observation #2 – Churches Looking for New Youth Pastors

You know that old saying ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” From what I have observed, it seems churches are taking up this mentality with their Youth Pastors. Though I dont agree with everything in the book, I think the Terminology Mark Ostreicher uses in Youth Ministry 3.0 works. For the past few decades, Youth  Ministry has been operating as Youth Ministry 2.0, and I don’t think anyone would argue that we are moving into Youth Ministry 3.0 (it may not be the same definition as MarkO’s) and in 2011 I think were going to see the notion pick up steam in churches. Can a Youth Pastor who grew up in Youth Ministry 2.0, worked and operated in Youth Ministry 2.0 for so long, effectively make the transition to Youth Ministry 3.0?

In many cases, unfortunately, I don’t think they can manage it effectively. Many YM 2.0 Youth Pastors will make the transition, many will work out, but there will definitely be those who cant keep up with the rest. Regardless of the fact that some can, I don’t see churches out there right now wanting to take that risk. From what I have observed, it seems as though for many older Youth Pastors right now is the perfect storm for them. Churches in this economy are already looking to save money, and lets be honest, churches know they can hire a younger Youth Pastor for a lot less than they are paying their older guy.

I think 2011 will see a lot more goodbyes for Youth Pastors than we would like to admit. To put it bluntly, I see 2011 being the year that Youth Ministry 2.0 BEGINS its major decline into being obsolete.



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