Goal’s for 2011

I know it’s already January 4th, and so if I wanted to do a post on Goals for this year it should have been done 3 days ago, because that ship has already sailed.

But hey, look at it this way. All those people who wrote theirs january 1st have probably already given up on their goals, but I’m still going 4 days in.

Anyways, some of my goals for this year.

– Read through the bible twice this year.

– Be back under 180 by 2012. 215 is just a lot heavier than I want to weigh at how young I am.

– I feel like I already blog fairly consistently, at least 3 times a week, but I want to get better at focusing in on what I’m saying. I’m starting to get into a good routine, but circumstances in my life my change in the next few months and I may need to completely re-do the site, so I don’t know what to set as a goal other than to continue to be consistent.

– I want to get into the habit of praying more often. Not just to check it off the list but because I want to spend more time with my Lord.

– I want to do a better job at handing off responsibility to my adult leaders in the Youth Ministry. We have hit a barrier in our growth, and I know what the problem most likely is, but that doesn’t mean I can just give up on finding other solutions. Some of you may know what this means, but others wont, sorry.

Thats all for now. Again, my prayers right now involve a change to be made in the coming months, so that could change a lot of these goals and/or add on new ones. God Bless!


2 Responses to “Goal’s for 2011”

  1. Great goals…I pray God totally surprises you this year!

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