Fulfill Your Ministry

Have you ever encountered the Youth Pastor who wants to be someone else? I know they are out there, or videos like this wouldn’t need to be made .


An unfortunate reality today in Youth Ministry is that many Youth Pastors are not content where we are. I say we because I know that I am guilty of this, in fact, I blogged a little bit about it just last week.

We are striving to be just like the guys in the big churches with the big budgets, and I think this can be a good and a bad thing. It can be good because Hey, lets be honest, those Youth Ministries are quite amazing. I don’t think there is a youth pastor out there who wouldn’t want to emulate the things they do if they knew it was going to lead to the same results. But thats where the bad part comes in. The things that are successful in larger Youth Ministries don’t always work out quite the same in smaller ministries. I think you could even say the same sentence regardless of size, Things that are successful in one ministry don’t always have the same success in another.

So why throw this all out there? Because this is my prayer for 2011; that Every Youth Pastor would Fulfill their own specific ministry. God has placed you and called you to minister to a select group of students your town/area. I’m not saying you have to stay there forever, this is not a post about whether or not to leave.

But what I am saying is that wherever you are, for as long as you are there, minister to THOSE kids. That means you need to get to know them and where they are at spiritually. I think there are some great resources out their as far as curriculum and event planners. But the reality is that the students that walk through the doors of your Church most likely need to hear something different than the students walking through the doors at my Church.

It means the kids in my church may not be mature enough yet to handle some of the things your going to be talking about with your students. So yeah, keep on getting ideas from other youth pastors, seeing what they are doing, etc. But ultimately, God has placed You there to minister to those students, he hasn’t placed you there to replicate what Cool Name Church is doing halfway across the country to minister to students.

Youth Pastors, Fulfill Your Ministry.


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