Friday’s Frustration – 12.24.10

Are you kidding? Its Christmas Eve, this is no time for frustration!

With that in mind, however, I have been blessed to be in Chicago to visit family for a few days around Christmas, and it can be very easy to get frustrated with drivers. I call Chicago home, but being up here on the congested highways makes me miss, just a little bit, the open country roads with no posted speed limits and no other cars.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and pray that God Blesses you and yours this season!


2 Responses to “Friday’s Frustration – 12.24.10”

  1. Busy highways are horrible especially if you add in snow and ice like the north always has. First time I drove the 610 loop around Dallas/Ft Worth I ripped my shirt off my body in frustration about 2 hours into the 3.5 hour drive. 🙂

  2. Christmas shopping is always frustrating. Especially since you waited until the last minute. Judging by your foursquare tweets last night, though, you were in and out of places pretty quick, so I dont know how you could have been that frustrated about it haha.

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