Virtues of a Successful Youth Pastor #8 – Lifelong Learner

One of the the biggest attributes that is missing in an unsuccessful Youth Pastor when compared to a Successful Youth Pastor is the willingness to learn.

An unsuccessful Youth Pastor is someone who thinks they have it figured out. Big idea of the day – You know nothing. As smart as you feel today, in 5 years you will look back at yourself and think “What an Idiot.” More than likely, you won’t even have to wait 5 years to feel that way.

Often, being a lifelong learner is associated with constantly reading new books, or in today’s day and age blogs, constantly attending more training , looking to further their formal education, etc.

But  for me, I think it goes much deeper. I mean, how many times have you read a book and not actually read it. Your eyes can be reading each word individually, but your mind is going off a million little bunny trails. Further than that, when was the last time you read a book you disagreed with and tried to understand why you disagreed with it, or tried to understand why the author believed the way he/she does? I’m not saying you need to learn to believe the way they do, but by understanding their point of view you are learning.

So why is being a life-long learner a trait that will make you successful? There are honestly dozens of reasons, but I think three stand out the most;

1. Because Duh, your learning stuff

2. Because it will keep you from getting stagnant, stagnant in the way you do ministry, stagnant in your approach to teens, and most importantly, stagnant in your approach to Christ

3. It will stretch you and it will force growth. It will force you to be better at what you do, which is always a good thing.


Tune in next week to learn about being teachable!


2 Responses to “Virtues of a Successful Youth Pastor #8 – Lifelong Learner”

  1. I loved the learning that I received in Seminary, but I also love the learning I’m getting by reading the books and blogs that I WANT to and not what my profs did.


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