Who likes to rock the party?

Next week is our Youth Group Christmas Party, and I can’t wait. Tomorrow night, instead of a game, the kids will be making Printable Christmas Ornaments , some to take home and some to finish decorating the Youth room. I HIGHLY recommend you check out the christmas ornaments if you haven’t already.

As for the actual Party itself, we will see how it goes. We’re have an ugly sweater contest  in which the Ugliest 3 will get gift cards. This is the last thing on our calendar that we needed to save money for, and we have some left over in our budget, so I’ll put together some prize packages to make it worth it for the kids to get all decked out in ugliness.

We are also going to do the typical white elephant gift exchange, and I’m nervous/excited to see how this goes. None of my kids know what a white elephant gift exchange is, so trying to explain it to them without showing them has been kind of tough. I have found my best answer is to just show them the office episode in season 2 where they have a gift exchange.

Lastly, we’ll put on A Christmas Carol on the TV’s in the Cafe’, so that students can just hang out, fellowship, watch a great movie and leave when they need to.


2 Responses to “Who likes to rock the party?”

  1. nice, loving the graphic for the ugly sweater contest. just hope that lady never finds your site!

  2. Anytime you can show a moment on the Office is great! THanks for the idea on making ornaments. I’m gonna add that to our line up now. Thanks man.

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