Let it be, Let it be

Not only is Let it be the title of an amazing song featured in one of this weeks most viral internet videos, it also is some very practical advice for Leaders.

Currently I am witnessing a Church Leader lose yet another Volunteer in a string of victims that have been lost to this Leaders vision. He has this great Idea for a ministry, and keeps finding people who buy into the vision and want to help, but for the fourth time in 2010 alone, he has lost the person so eager to step up. Why?

He loses them because he wont let it be. Ultimately, I’m not sure if it’s the fact that he is afraid of this idea failing or the simple truth that he wishes he could do it himself, but when he “Hands control over” to the person willing to step up and serve, he isn’t really handing anything over. He continues to hover over the ministry making criticisms of this or that, suggesting a different route, or flat out saying the way they are leading is wrong.

A fatal error for any ministry leader is to give a task to someone and hold on to the control of the reigns.

Want  to see one of your youth leaders flourish? Let them know its ok to Fail, and let them know you trust whatever decisions they make. If you aren’t willing to see them make a wrong decision that will destroy your vision for something, DON’T GIVE THEM THE TASK!

Letting them know it’s ok to fail will only give them the confidence to try that crazy idea that will be just what is needed to make that vision a reality. So leaders, Let it Be!


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