Friday’s Frustration – 12.10.10

Every Friday I post a frustration of living in a small town having grown up in a big city. Usually it has nothing to do with ministry, but rather is just an annoyance about small town culture.

This one may not be true in every small town, but it most definitely is in Trenton. We have one paved road in town, the rest are all gravel. Our church parking lot is gravel, as is 90% of the parking lots in this town.

Why does that frustrate me? Really only for 2 reasons. You can’t really run on gravel roads for long distances, at least I cant. It kills my knees. The second reason for why it frustrates me is because its hard to ride a bike on gravel roads, particularly a road bike. So two forms of exercise for me are taken away.

My favorite two methods of cardio are road bikes and swimming, and I so for me to not be able to do those, its very hard to motivate myself to do any sort of excercise. There is no gym, there is no walking trail, there is nothing.

So today Im frustrated because this small town is causing me to get out of shape. Now excuse me while I go eat my feelings.

*Note: Sarcasm



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