Virtues of a Successful Youth Pastor #5 – Be an Adult

I wanted to make it grow up to counteract last week’s virtue, but “grow up” is more of an action than a virtue. Every youth pastor should still be a little kid inside somewhere, we should never lose our sense of wonder for God, everything I touched on last week. But at the same time, Youth Ministers have gotten this bad reputation of being lazy, unorganized, unprepared, and many other things. At some point or another, Youth pastors have to be Adults. Have a good name with the parents in your church. Let them know they can trust you with their kids, and this can only be accomplished by acting like a grown up. If they feel like they can’t trust the lives of their children into your hands when you drive them somewhere, they probably don’t feel much better about their children’s spirituality. This one doesn’t need too much explaining, its pretty obvious. Youth pastors, Grow Up!


One Response to “Virtues of a Successful Youth Pastor #5 – Be an Adult”

  1. Fact of the matter is we Youth Pastors give ourselves the bad name we often complain about

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