I love Relational Youth Ministry

I do, It’s one of my favorite things because it makes being in ministry fun. Simply being with kids is one of the greatest things Youth Pastors can do, and yes, it is the funnest.

I remember the first Youth Pastor I had, at the church my dad led in Tacoma, WA. Randy was kind of a dork. He always wore hockey jerseys that smelled like he wore them to actually play hockey. He also had his three favorite students, and they were the three girls that his wife liked because they offered free babysitting. Quite honestly, the rest of us kids didn’t feel like we existed half the time.

I remember one of the last straws for my Dad before he let him go was when we were at the High School football game one Friday. Randy had been there to make an appearance, saw my Dad, they talked for a bit, and then Randy left to go do other things. But around the start of the 2nd Quarter, a Youth Pastor from another church in town walked into the stands, and dozens upon dozens of kids flocked to him, and I don’t think he even got to watch the game because he was too busy being with the kids.

Those are the things Youth Ministries need more of. A Youth Pastor that is with the kids. Whether it is watching their sporting events, taking them shopping, playing video games all night on a friday night, or whatever, Youth Pastor’s need to be with kids more. Plus, its a heck of a lot funner than sitting in an office 50 hours a week. (and Spell Check said nothing about funner, so it is a real word!)


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