Fridays Frustration – 11.19.10

Every Friday I post a frustration of living in a small town having grown up in a big city. Usually it has nothing to do with ministry, but rather is just an annoyance about small town culture.

I suppose I was very spoiled living on or near the great campus of Liberty University for 4 years, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a lack of quality book stores that sell Christian books in my area. In fact, in a 25 mile radius, there is none. At Liberty, there was the Campus Book Store, Seminary Book Store, Lifeway down the street, and 3 smaller family run Christian book stores all within a mile of campus. That was all on top of what the Barnes & Noble sold,  which usually isn’t much, but in as heavy of a baptist town as Lynchburg is, their Christianity section is bigger than the closest Christian book store to Trenton!

Now sure, I am hoping to get an iPad soon to use as an ereader, and I know sites like Amazon are great, and books can be shipped. But I miss being able to read half of a book in the store before making my decision of whether or not to purchase it. Too many times, I receive a book, and its like they found the only 3 good pages in the book to use as the “Look Inside” and I am stuck with a book that serves no point.

I guess I’ll just go read some more blogs, then.


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