Goals for the next 12 months

Moving into year two of my time at this ministry also means moving onto my year two goals for the vision of this ministry. The two biggest ones are Small Groups and Praise Band.

  • Small groups is one that I have already started to phase in to the ministry, but we will be full force launching it in the fall. We tried having a small group this past summer but it never picked up much steam. For the last few weeks I have been hosting 5 students at my house for dinner on Wednesdays to get them used to a small group feel, but we haven’t actually labeled it a small group. In January, however, I am going to be breaking it up and adding in a few more kids to create a girls small group and a guys small group.
  • Praise Team is another one that I feel will greatly enhance our service time. It again is something I hope to launch by fall, but if its ready before then, I feel that a time of Praise is something that we need as soon as possible. The problem comes in that I don’t have any students currently who can play any instruments, and there isn’t a heart of praise in the kids yet, its just honestly something they dont understand or care about. So my prayer is that I can continue to develop this in them so that next fall we can both have a praise team ready and have a group ready to sing praises to the King.




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