Taking time to Evaluate

This week has been a slow, tough week for me. I haven’t been in the office a whole lot because I have been doing a lot of Evaluation this week. I have been just running on full steam with the plans I had developed for the past few months, making headway, thinking I was doing great, and then it all kind of came crashing down this past Sunday.

If you could see my attendance graph in my office, it would be pretty sad. Starting last January when I first started here and we had about 8 kids coming every week, we slowly grew and grew, just constant growth every week, it was amazing. We finished the school year around 30 kids, and dropped down to about 15 in the summer like I had expected. The fall we picked back up and had been going steady around 30 kids until this past week when we only had 6. The graph is just a steady uphill climb from 1/1 to 10/31, and then a huge drop off at 11/7.

So I don’t know how you handle things like this, when no one shows up. It happened at both our Friday Night Jr. High service(which averages about 12) and our Sunday Night Youth Service. I’ve taken it pretty hard on gotten down on myself. Not like I’m down throwing myself a pity party, but down on myself and evaluating EVERYTHING I do this past week.

Maybe it’s been to long since my last major evaluation, which could be. I use to evaluate every service, but that hasn’t happened in a while. Maybe its time to change things up, who know’s. All I know is that this past week I have taken quite a bit of time to look at what clearly isn’t working in our youth Ministry, what might not be working, what is working, and what can we do in the next few weeks to get back on track.


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