Winter/Spring Schedule Time

I still can’t believe that it’s November. I really feel like this school year just started. I have to say, that for as pumped as I was coming into this fall for the calendar, looking back I am fairly disappointed in how it turned out. I had some great expectations for some things, and most of the things we did turned out well. My disappointment came from having to cancel a few things. Such as;

– Fall Retreat This one was the biggest let down for me. I had planned it all in July, chosen the weekend, reserved the place, and then late August the schools released their calendar, and my Fall Retreat was the same weekend as Homecoming. For BOTH High schools we minister to. The kids all wanted to go to the fall Retreat, but they also wanted to go to homecoming. It worked out great, because our place we were going to go for the retreat had no problem switching the dates for us. Our problem came when I got with the Volunteers who all suddenly had plans for the new dates. I had no choice but to cancel it.

KnowEvil This is an event I stole from my youth pastor that we did when I was in Youth Group. We had plans to build a huge, elaborate maze in our youth room that would have taken easily 20 minutes for kids to crawl through. Along the maze would be different plexi glass cubes with actors in them portraying different temptations that kids would have to pass by all of them to get to the end. Once at the end, groups of 10 would go into watch a performance of the Lifehouse skit and be presented with the gospel. I always loved it when I was in Youth Group and was sure the kids here would too. The problem came when the Youth Leader I had placed in Charge of helping build our Cafe went over budget on the Cafe by 1500 dollars and we ended up not having enough to carry out KnowEvil.

Part of why I was disappointed with the Fall schedule was because we missed those two big events, which fine, we had smaller events that were a success and a great time. My problem came because I had planned that those two times would be our main evangelistic and discipleship times for the fall semester. Without them, our Youth Group was pretty shallow this fall, at least to me, because we spent most of the time talking about Dating/Relationships. We still had discipleship and everything, but I can definitely see why one of my kids would think we didn’t do enough with the bible the past few months.

So I have thrown out our Winter/Spring schedule. The lesson plan, the event calendar, everything. I plan on redoing it all over the next few weeks.

Sure, I may still do some of the same things. But I need to reboot it, and reevaluate everything. I need to ensure that if one or two events need to be canceled, we wont fail to be evangelistic or do any discipleship.

So here goes nothing. When I’m finished, I’ll post our schedules. Not because I think they are great or anything ( I mean, well yeah, I think they are great, but I don’t mean that to say “If your schedule isn’t like ours than you suck”). I’m mainly only posting them because I know when I was first starting out, I wanted to take a look at any and all other youth groups calendars to get an idea for different things to do, how they had put it together, etc., and so maybe I can help out those just starting out.


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