Tuesday’s Thoughts – 10/26

  • A much needed break is coming this week. Tomorrow night, my older brother, also a Youth Pastor, and his wife are flying into St. Louis and then Thursday we’ll all head up to Chicago to celebrate my Mother and Sisters Birthdays (They share October 27th as a Birthday)
  • My Mom is turning 60. She is an amazing woman, so lucky to have the parents I do.
  • I mentioned my brother and said he’s a Youth Pastor. Currently, he is not, however, as he is trying to pursue his musical dream with his band Lybecker. If you ever need a band to do a cheap gig for your youth group, book them.
  • I finally got the Church website on the right track. Such a long process of figuring out who was supposed to be the person updating it that hadnt in 3 years (several of the listed sunday school teachers had been dead for 2 years. Dont even get me started on why they had Sunday School teachers listed on the website, either) So after finding out who had the information, dealt with my other brother, who is a graphic designer and runs a hosting company (Ainsworthstudios.com / Ainsworthhosting.com ) and got him to move the site to his hosting company, while also supporting him since he is currently a missionary. Again, if you are looking at updating your website, Please take a look at doing it while supporting a missionary. His rates are completely reasonable.
  • Today’s thoughts seem like a lot of family bragging and family promotion, sorry about that. I guess Im just excited to see family in a few days.
  • Also was made thankful for my family today, as one here that Sarah and I both love is on the verge of falling apart. Very tough situation with a dad who has the worst case of depression I have ever heard of and the family is beginning to deteriorate because of it.

2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Thoughts – 10/26”

  1. Dude, dont be “one of those guys” the Random thoughts or Mind Dumps or whatever, such a lame excuse of a blog. Make it actual content, use twitter for your random thoughts

    • I agree. I havent dont any tuesday’s thoughts since that post though, instead I do a C.S. Lewis quote each tuesday, sometimes with some extra thoughts, sometimes not. Feel like its an easy post to do, but oh well, for now it adds a consistent post

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