Tuesday’s Thoughts

Tuesday’s are usually my first day of work each week since I take Mondays off. Its usually a good day of easing back into working because I don’t come in until 10, and usually I only work an hour, head out for an early lunch, stop by Sam’s to purchase goodies for the cafe, drive back, restock the youth cafe, give secretary receipt for what I spent, and by that time its usually within a half hour of when I pick up the kids for the cafe, so I just relax. Then I spend the next 4 hours hanging out with youth, playing video games, and eating far too much junk food.

So that was my day again today. Now im sitting in my office waiting for our church website to be completely switched over to our new server so that I can then stay up late redesigning it tonight.

I got my first taste of being betrayed in ministry this week. It wasn’t even a betrayal of me, it was a betrayal of my Sr. Pastor. But because of our relationship I felt betrayed. And I know I’ve experienced betrayals of Sr. Pastors before, namely my Father in some of his churches, but this is my first time of really being involved.

A girl who has grown up in our church is getting married in our church in december. Her Father, Praise the Lord, just ended his fight with cancer two weeks ago and came through and seems to be doing great. Last week, her Mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma. My heart goes out for this family. But so the daughter asked us if she could have a father-daughter dance and mother-son dance, and a first dance for the couple at her wedding. The Sr. Pastor and I both have no problem with that , so we said sure, but to be safe ran it by the church council, which also agreed, no problem. Well our secretary happened to leave a copy of the agenda for the last church council on her desk all weekend, which included the part about the dancing. A little old lady who cleans our church saw this, got outraged, made several copies of it, and proceeded to hand it out to her and her husbands sunday school classes urging them to be at the business meeting that night to overturn this, and so they did.

It just boggles my mind there are still idiots like this. To make matters worse, many of the old people have only been members here for 5 months, because 5 months ago, their church a few miles away DIED because they made decisions that told young people “your not welcome here” and now they want to do it again her.

Its disgusting to even think about, and I pray we can deal with this in a good way. I just feel bad for my pastor who had people go behind his back and do this to him. So tonight, in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, I want to encourage anyone and everyone involved in a ministry family. Thanks for all you or your husband or your father does for the Glory of God. Most people will never understand what we go through to do what God has called us to do, but he does.

So stay strong.


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