The Obligatory “random thoughts” Post

It seems that to be an effective youth ministry blogger, you have to at least once a week write a post of your random thoughts. Mine has no cute name yet, or a set day either, but I still have random thoughts, and so here they are;

  • Definitely just heard a Bat fly into the tree about 10 feet away from me as I sit on my front porch writing.
  • First thoughts upon hearing bat “It better not bite me” (Second thought, unfortunately, was what If it was a vampire and friends with Edward Cullen. Too much time with Jr High girls I think)
  • As I posted yesterday, Pumped about some students finally getting what a Youth Pastor is. God reminded me today they dont all get it, though. As I reminded all the students who had signed up about our paintball trip saturday, one responded he didn’t think he could go because he hasn’t been to youth group in almost 2 weeks, so he told his friends he had invited they couldn’t go anymore. Luckily I think I got to him with enough time to reinvite those friends
  • Finally received the Leaders companion to Thinking Orange and loved the few pages of it that I have read so far. So excited for the things happening in our church as we re-evaluate how we are ministering to families.
  • I became an official scout today for , so that is neat.
  • Being official scout for means absolutely nothing, but Hey, at least it now legitimizes how much time I spend reading blogs every day.
  • I read an article on Ed Stetzer’s blog today by a guest author saying that all the tweeting and facebooking is destroying the Specialness of moments. Something like that, in all honesty, I stopped caring, I didnt really agree with it.
  • Sometime soon Im going to do a blog based off of this quote from Jeremy Zach in the context of what can happen to Youth Pastors who arent thriving “*sold out– give up on “the church” and lean to liberal theology to solve all of their problems
  • Realizing more the differences between doing ministry in a town of 3,000 and a town of 12,000 can even be polarizing
  • Sarah’s Mother and Grandmother arrive about an hour after I return from our paintball trip. There may come a time next week I wish I still had a paintball gun.

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