A good Investment

It should be noted that I am a Youth Pastor and therefore will never be in a place to make a financial investment. In anything. Well, maybe in a house and in a church. But you get my point.

This whole job thing has been a rollercoaster the last few months, and quite honestly, Its almost as though there are 2 Youth Pastors inside of me. The First is the one that tries telling me that since im not thriving in this church, I should try and find a church where I could thrive. The second is always challenging me by asking if I could ever consider myself an effective church leader if I didnt do all within my power to change the circumstances to where I could thrive here.

Theres a Quote by Jim Elliot, a missionary best known from the movie “End of The spear”, but many know him from his own journal and his widowed wife’s multiple books. But in his Journal, he says something to the effect of “wherever you are, be all there.”

For tonight, at least, I have to rest assured that God has me here for a reason, and if im going to be here, I need to be all here. One of my biggest frustrations is that If I werent employed at this church, I would never choose to attend it. Whats stopping me from working with the Sr. Pastor to change that.

So thats where im left tonight, with just this sense of a call to make an investment into this community. I dont want to be the guy who leaves the tough position for greener pastures. I want to be the guy who sticks it out and grabs the bull by the horns.


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